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May 10, 2018
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How To Bring Interest For Books And Start Reading?

At some point of time in our lives we all want to read whether we are a reader or a non-reader. Seeking intellectuality, looking for some lessons of wisdom and most importantly for our own time.. Books are the secret weapon to explore the life around you and make you wiser, kinder and humbler and also it gives you an extra point from other non-readers.

Maybe it’s easy to praise reading and as being a reader it becomes more easier but what about a non-reader?

A book is just like an irritating boss for a non-reader who they just want to ignore whenever they face them. So, how they start reading if they hate too much the books?

Here are some tips to let you get a habit of reading on regular basis :-

1. Start reading your genre

Every individual has some interest like sports, horror, thriller, classic tales etc and on every interest there are a lot of books available in every language. Pick your genre and find a corner.

2. Read at least 10 Pages a day

Start reading with 10 pages a day but it’s not necessary to read only 10 pages, you can start from 20, 25 pages but the main motive is to increase the number of pages on regular basis that will also improve your concentration and focus as well.

3. Make a routine

Make a routine when you can find the time to read in morning or in night or while travelling. There are people who read while they commute to their office, college or if they are on a travel, there are people who read before going to bed. Pick your best time and start reading.

4. Try Different genres

When you have started reading with your favorite genre and love the world of words it’s high time to shift to different genres as you will get to know more interesting stuff and a different perspective. It will also increase your thinking ability in all dimensions. Maybe you can also find the different genre more interesting than your previous genre.

5.  Take Notes

Whenever you read, make a habit of take note or highlight the important lessons you learn from that particular book you find suitable for your work. Take these ideas or thought in your daily life. By taking notes and implementing them it will help you grow and also ignite the spark in you for reading.

6. Change the View

To watch a movie or play a game or go to party we can be ready anytime but if we have to read it becomes a task for us to do, we find excuses. This difference has to be changed, books can be more interesting than movie if you start enjoying the bookish world.

7. Break time

There is not any hard and fast rule to read daily, if you don’t want to read or you get bored from daily reading, stop reading for a day or two and enjoy that time, watch movies, play cricket whatever you want just do it never force yourself to read. Hence, read for knowledge and pleasure.

Start following the above tips and will you feel a change in yourself and a positive attitude towards holding a book and reading, after one or two month you will crave for reading, I guarantee you. And if you have some tips to add for making reading a habit, pls comment your valuable suggestions we would love to hear from you.

“Read For Your Soul Not For Task”

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