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May 11, 2018
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What’s the perfect time to read?

When is the best time to read, what is more, beneficial for a reader? Every reader has a different perspective and this topic becomes a non-ending debate and you can’t find the conclusion of the debate.

We came to the starting point that when is the best time to read, is it night or day? Everyone has right their own view as some have time in the day while some have time in the night, some read while commuting while some only read when there’s a new book in the stores. Well, reading in both day and night have their own pros and cons. If you are a regular reader, you should more focus on your comfort and time whether its day or night but if you are a beginner then you should first think about the benefits of reading in day or night before making any schedule for reading.

Benefits of reading in Day:

1. Natural light is more beneficial for your eyes rather than artificial light. Artificial light can hurt your eyes and a long study in artificial lights can also affect your sleep and cause irritation in eyes especially if you are a beginner.

2. In the daytime, you are more energetic and can give more of yours to reading. Your energy will help you to read more in less time.

3. We born in a society where people are more active on the day than in the night. We are made to do things during the day and have a good long sleep in the night. So, we easily make our mind to read in the day

4. When you read in the day, you have the whole day to think about the stuff you read and can generate more from your reading.

5. One of the most important points is if you have any query you can ask your seniors, friends, teachers and resolve the query at that time.

Benefits of reading in Night:

1. You are alone in the night and there is no distraction around you which is why people like the most about reading in right. You can read more when you are not distracted.

2. In Night, you can easily imagine the scene of the book and can involve yourself more in the imagination. This imagination will make you more creative and eager to complete the book.

3. Night reading can give you dreams of what you study and what you feel about it. So you can also dig more of what you read and find something different and new while you are dreaming.

4. Night reading has become more important nowadays because we are too busy on our phones and scrolling your feed while getting no result out of it. So, If you are a night person utilize your time and do reading rather than scrolling social sites.

5. If you have a habit to sleep in the day then night reading is the best therapy to sleep. Sometimes books can easily make you fall sleep than medicine and if still, you don’t get to sleep then still you’re still getting the benefits of reading.

If you have any other benefits of reading in night or day, Please comment below about your thought, We will Appreciate and use them in our further blogs.

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