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A Lesson To Be Learnt From The Most Celebrated Characters Of Our Lives

The Idiom ‘don’t judge a book by its cover ‘ is a metaphorical phrase which means one should not stick to an opinion purely based on what we see on the cover and not by reading it because if we read our view might change for that thing. We all are well known about this idiom but a majority of people do this thing – judge the book/movie / or even people by its cover in day-to-day life.

For example, We all accept or reject a book by its front cover look, we make a judgment based on the appearance whether it’s boring or interesting, thriller or horror, comedy or a dark genre. We might be right with our judgment but not always. Judging someone on the basis of looks. So, be careful before judging, make an opinion but don’t stick on it.

You might be thinking how does this idiom get related to Maple Press?

After the whole day at work, I was tired and was looking for refreshment, I decided to read a book to make up my mood and while I was searching for one I saw some children books of maple press publication and these books looked colorful, with cartoon graphics that reminded me of the topics from my childhood hence I grabbed one and in no time I read three of them, they were interesting, compelling to read even thought I got to learn some basic ethics of life which we all know but at some point of time we forget and these stories remind you of them.

I would like to share some of those books;


The Akbar & Birbal tales are one of the most interesting and famous sets of tales which we all have read for once in our lives. It is famous for the wit and cleverness of Birbal and how he counters every hurdle thrown at him by King Akbar and other members of the court who despise him. Birbal was one of the Navratna of King Akbar’s court.













Our children would be incomplete if this Panchtantra would have never happened. Panchtantra has the tales of animals which children love to read. Every story has a lesson to be learned and a moral to be followed. The lessons are told in a creative form which helps in making a character and overall development of not only kids but even adults.



Shri Krishna is regarded as one of the most loved gods in Hindu Mythology and his childhood consists of some great mischievous yet lovely lessons. This book brings to life the stories and various incidents from his life in an interactive presentation so kids can get co-relate with them easily and at the same time educate themselves.

What is the best part I loved about these books was that they brought me back to the innocence of my childhood which was somewhere lost, the time we all miss a lot. The books made my day and I learned the lesson that don’t judge the book by its cover, these books taught me some life ethics which I can’t get from the most sold out books.

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