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Tales From The Heart- Stories Which Were A Part Of Our Childhood

Childhood was literally the best part of our lives. No tension, no fears, no expectations, no knowledge of relations and days were enjoyed at fullest. Those were the days which defined happiness and gave us experience. You could watch TV all day and still could become a star in your mother’s eyes.

All was good and the best part were the stories you watched and heard by your grandmother on those summer holiday evenings. We all have heard these stories and have learned many lessons from them which helped our life in future. Here are some picked out stories which everybody have heard of so sit where you are and get ready to go back in your childhood.



Vikram and Betaal is a series of short stories between King Vikramaditya and ghost betaal. The story is based on King Vikramaditya and his moral answers. King Vikramaditya goes to the forest on the 14th night of moon to find out about the presents received by him. There King Vikramaditya finds a beggar and he agrees to fulfill his wish. When king fulfills the beggar wish the beggar got turned into betaal (ghost) and sit on king’s shoulder. Betaal narrates stories to King Vikramaditya on completion of which King Vikramaditya had to give noble answers about the character of stories.


Hatim is a prince of Yaman. His world falls apart when a demon named Dajjaal attacks his realm and steals his fiancé. Dajjal also turns Hatim’s brother into a statue. There is only one way to turn his brother back to human life form, he has to find out the answer of seven heavenly questions.


This is the one story that shows us that intelligence and cunningness are more important than money. Akbar is the king of India, is very rich and has armies under him. On the other hand, Birbal is his commander. Very intelligent and cunning and gives the best advice to the king. Akbar and Birbal contain short stories about their relationship.


Ever heard the phrase “aawaz ho to Tansen jaisi” (If you have a voice, have it like Tansen) this is not a mere phrase. Tansen is a story about a character named tansen, who has such an astonishing voice that he can even cloud cry out. Tansen is a personal entertainer of a king and the whole story revolves around him.


Remember “Khulja sim sim” then you can probably remember Alibaba. It is a story about a boy named Alibaba who comes out to a secret cave where burglars kept their money. One day Alibaba see burglars get into the cave by saying some magical words and when he follows them, the story revolves to a new turn.


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