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Some Geniuses That Changed The Perspective Of The Whole World

Geniuses are born and not made. You could stick to books all your life, learn all your life but you can’t possess the qualities of a genius. Brilliance cannot be acquired by hours of practice, it has to be in you. You have to make a change, go through a ton of unsuccessful efforts and hear the criticism of the whole society. In a nutshell, it’s not easy to become a genius.

Geniuses change the viewpoint of people how they see the world and their innovations lives even after they die. Here are some of the celebrated geniuses that changed the whole cosmos and gave our life a breath.



Do you have the intelligence or power to find a law of physics when an apple falls on your head, No right? That’s why what I was saying all things about these people. Born in Lincolnshire, England Newton’s full name was Isaac Newton same as that of his father. His father died 3months before his birth. Her mother married another person which he hated, so he got raised by his grandmother. A failure at school, Newton tried his hand at farming and what he found there changed centuries. Later, Newton got to Trinity College proceeding with Professor at the University of Cambridge. His famous studies include Newton’s law of motion, Law of universal gravity, Effect of light and many more.


We all use levers, screw pumps and compound pulleys in our daily lives. Have you ever thought who invented the mechanisms of these machines to make our lives easier?  Famous as Archimedes of Syracuse, he is one of the most influential scientists of all time. Because of the time of antiquity, details of his life are not known and what remained is only his studies, theories, formulas and mechanisms. He also invented defensive war machines to keep his country safe which our nation uses in the present time. Archimedes died during the siege of Syracuse when a Roman soldier killed him while there were strict orders that he should not be harmed.


E=MC2, we all know this world famous equation. This equation is a pillar of modern physics and further supports many theories, and the creator of this pillar was Albert Einstein. Born in Germany on 14 March 1879 (later shifted to Switzerland and took citizenship there), he is one of the most celebrated geniuses of all time whose theories helps our present in many ways. Famous for inventing the theory of relativity and Quantum mechanics, he continued with the motion of molecules and photon theory of light. Awarded with the noble prize in the year 1921 for his numerous contributions in the field of physics and by writing more than 300 papers, there is no wonder why he is used as a synonym for ‘genius’.


Love your phone, it connects you with people and makes you feel safe. Ever thought how this little piece of wonder got invented and by whom. To realize this you have to go into the streets of graham bell’s life. A Scotland born scientist, Bell’s wife, and mother were deaf. This gave bell to study practically and registering the first patent of the telephone. Later, he followed his study in the field of communication founding American Telephone and Telegraph Company.


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