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June 26, 2018
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Complete Classics To Read Out This Monsoon- Maple Press Addition

Monsoon comes with heavenly showers, tempting smell of soil and melancholic memories. These days are made to be enjoyed at fullest with you relaxing and staring at those water drops. These rainy days come with peace and refreshes our soul, but also filled us with laziness because it leaves us no option to do anything. Yeah, social media is there to help you pass your time but only for a couple of minutes.

The good thing is that some books at your side with a cup of warm coffee can turn your lazy day into a fruitful one. MAPLE PRESS has come with some unabridged classics to satisfy your reading senses, best for these slothful monsoons. Read them even if you are a non-reader because gold never gets old.


Written by MARGARET MITCHELL (American) and published in 1936, the title of this book has been taken from a poem written by ERNEST DOWSON of the same name. The backdrop of this classic is set during the American civil war and reconstruction era, in-country Atlanta and Georgia. The story revolves around SCARLETT O’ HARA, the spoiled daughter of a rich plantation owner who must use every means to depict poverty. It has been written from the view of slaveholders and has been criticised by many for its cruel slave depicting writing. This is the only novel written by MARGARET MITCHELL forming it into a legend.


A cult classic, this novel was written by F.SCOTT FITZGERALD in the year 1925. Inspired by the parties he attended in Long islands north shore, Scott started working on the novel. The novel is situated in a fictional world and follows with the parties thrown by Jay Gatsby for her passionate and beautiful girlfriend Daisy Buchanan. When released the novel was a flop, but hit a jump during times of World war II.

21 सर्वश्रेष्ठ कहानियां- RABINDRANATH TAGORE

When we talk about monsoons, we simply can’t forget short stories, and who writes short stories better than RABINDRANATH TAGORE. No one, I guess!. This book by Tagore is an accumulation of short stories that are set in India during the independence time. Tagore stories were provoking and brought a shift in the mindset of Indian readers.


Known to be one of the best novels of all time, this legendary novel was written by CHARLES DICKENS and was his 13th novel. Written in 1861, the backdrop of this story is set in London and revolves around an orphan named Pip. Dickens writing of the poverty, chains, deaths were acclaimed and includes some of the best scenes of his writing career.

Try out these novels to bring back the time and satisfy your reading appetite. You can find all these books at MAPLE PRESS at pocket-saving prices.

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