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July 23, 2018
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What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality?
August 20, 2018
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READ YOUR LOVE THE RIGHT WAY: How to read a novel

Reading a novel is just another level of joy. It acts as a portal to transfer us to another world. From fairy islands to dragon mountains, from love-story to a crime thriller or from the world of hobbit to Hogwarts, novels creates stardust.

Seeing the world through the narrator’s point of view, indulging yourself in a different world just by using words, commendable right. However, novels are not easy to hard, they require your time, attention and full focus. Sometimes people leave a book just because of its length, scaring the hell out of them. Don’t fear because in the last you will get rewarded.

Here are some steps that will mentor you to stick throughout the process, aiding your reading journey:-


The first step of getting started is to choose a book. Getting a book that will interest is very essential to create your core reading skills. Choose from fictional or non-fictional, if you love to imagine things and romance, crime, drama, and thriller are your things, you should go for fictional books or if you have a bone for history and reading biographies, then go for non-fictional books. Remember to buy books, not on recommendations, if a book is liked by someone doesn’t mean you will love it also.


Never pick out books just by seeing the cover of a book.  Go to your nearest library and select the book you want. Start reading the first pages to understand the style of the writer, the narration, and the language. Leave the book if you hated it, the library won’t charge.


Switch your phone to airplane mode or turn off your device to keep yourself away from your phone. The motive here is to stay undistracted. Reading demands a lot of focus and if you got distracted you will lose your streak. Sit in a silent place away from any noises, feel the breeze coming on your window, accompanied by a cup of Americano to bring out the best experience.


A rookie reader will always get confused, coping with the novel. Finding it hard to keep pace with the book? Note down some questions while studying your novel and keep asking them. These could contain questions like:-

* Who is telling the story?

* What does the main character want?

Pick out a study guide if you are struggling with the basics.


Once you have read the chapter, your next work should be penning all the main events of the chapter and making a summary out of it. This will help you to understand the novel better and will let you remember the chief events of the story if you forgot about them.


Don’t leave a book because you are getting swirled by the starting. Some events in novels may require your further attention, a practice by writers getting you engaged with the book. Don’t worry if you are getting swooshed by the book, read the whole book to find the answer.

Follow these steps to get the best out of your novel but make sure to choose a novel that you will enjoy devoting your time. Find novels on different niches on MAPLE PRESS and got escorted through the process.

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