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August 7, 2018
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August 23, 2018
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What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality?

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality

Our experiences and surroundings shape us as a person what we are at this very moment. It’s not about what genes we are born into but the kind of people we surround ourselves and the kind of activities we do on a regular basis. All these factors invade our minds and have a fair share of contribution in evolving our personalities.

Do you think we can say the same about books?

Why not?

For the book addicts who love to get lost in the books of their favorite genre, let’s take a look at what it reveals about your personality.


If you always crave love stories in your life, be it realistic or not, there are 80 % chances that you’re hopelessly romantic and currently single (no offense). But there’s no harm being that way, I mean who wouldn’t want love at first sight, happen to them, especially after the kind of impression Karan Johar’s movies put us in. For you, love is the most beautiful thing in the entire world and you believe that there is someone waiting for you. Just hang in there!!


You like questioning things even in the simplest of situation. You are a bit complicated and hard to understand and it’s often hard for you to open up even with your close ones. But once you’re open up to someone, it makes you incredible to be around as you’re always up for a sudden twist of plans. Yes, my friend, you’re Sherlock Holmes!


You love finding out how and why things work, while still honing your imagination. Sci-Fi is an excellent blend of science and fantasy, so for you, it’s always necessary to know the reason behind everything.


In case, you love nonfiction, you are a very much grounded person. You love to acquire new things and you regularly gain fresh knowledge from the experiences you read in your favorite books. While you enjoy adventure and suspense, it’s important for you to know that whatever you’re reading is realistic and not based on a fantasy. Go watch ANURAG KASHYAP’S movies now!!


Ok, without saying much, let’s just say that your favorite books are Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series. You are a fantasy baby and have a huge imagination. You wish to travel somewhere other than the real world we live in. Magic amuses you and somewhere down your heart you call yourself a wizard and believe that there a world exist in the outer universe. No, you’re not insane!

All Genres

Do not love a specific genre and read equally willingly, then you are an incredible person. You’re not at all choosy and very much get along with anyone and also easy to be around. You don’t judge people and always respect their opinion. Also, you never get your hopes high with anything and have no expectations with anyone. You’re an optimistic and a confident person. Basically, you don’t exist!

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