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7 Must-Read Short Stories of Premchand

No stories about Hindi Literature end without the notice of Munshi Premchand. His Hindi short stories were easy to comprehend, and he always used to show the factual matter of the cultural issues during that timeframe.

  • Kafan

Kafan by premchand is outstanding amongst other short stories. It delineates the feelings and battles of Ghisu and Madhav, the poor dad and child pair, who are excessively sluggish. Kafan is a must-read story of how Ghisu and Madhav, which you’ll wind up feeling compassion toward them.

  • Poos Ki Raat

Poos Ki Raat or a night of January is an awful best of a farmer named Halku, who had no alternative yet to take care of his responsibility with all the cash he had been sparing. You should read premchand short stories in Hindi with pictures to know how Halku figured out to get by through the chilling breezes and his faithful canine close by.

  • Do Bailon Ki Katha

Before starting his story, he composes that possibly because its resistance and quietness are confused with idiocy. Its inspiring do bailon ki katha characters will give you how these companions remain together in each trouble lastly arrive at home.

  • Thakur Ka Kuan

Thakur Ka Kuan short stories of premchand illuminate the debasing state of Dalits in the past times when individuals from top standing denied them clean drinking water. Thakur Ka Kuan will make you fear the rank based separation in our nation.

  • Eidgaah

We’ve all perused munshi premchand short stories at any rate once in the course of our life. 5-year-old Hamid lives with his grandma after his folks die. This piercing story of a little fellow’s penance and love makes everybody shed a tear or two.

  • Boodhi Kaaki

Like the vast majority of his premchand Hindi short stories, this one features the battles of a weak and defenseless soul. With this story, Munshi Premchand gives out a message that mature age is only a re-appearance of adolescence.

  • Namak Ka Daroga

Another spirit blending pearl from his list of short stories by premchand, Namak Ka Daroga leaves a sweet preference for your mouth and tears in your eyes. Likewise, the tale in the story comes when he turns up at Vanshidhar’s home, commending his trustworthiness.

The universe of Hindi writing will consistently be obliged to Munshi Premchand for his commitment. You can buy the best of Premchand at Maple Press.

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