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June 3, 2020
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Best children’s books that teach important life lessons

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There are a lot of children’s books with a message available in the country. If your kid is interested in reading children’s books about helping others then there are some amazing classic stories with life lessons as well. to help you find the best ones, we have some amazing Hindi short moral stories for kids that they will absolutely love and enjoy thoroughly as well.

Maple Press is one of the best children’s book publishers in the country and have published amazing works of infamous authors from around the country. There are a lot of books from which your child can learn moral values and get to know some interesting and fascinating stories as well. so, here are some of the best children’s books that will help your child learn important lesson as well as they will find it interesting as well.

  1. Ramayana

Ramayana is one of the most epic stories of all times as it has a lot of moral values and will teach our child some wonderful lessons as well. It is very well known that how Lord Ram wins over the evil Ravan and brings back Sita Mata back to her kingdom. Ravan is clearly the evil one and kidnaps Sita Mata. This story shows how good wins over evil no matter how much stronger the evil is. The good always wins and triumphs as well. This is one of the best life lessons for elementary students as to never give up no matter what!

  1. The Lion and The Mouse

Another favourite children’s book with a message is this one which focusses on how to be friend with someone and how if they get in trouble you ought to help them and guide them in the right way. this book talks about how one day a lion who used to be very arrogant about being the king of the jungle gets trapped in a net by a hunter and nobody in the jungle helps in except this tiny little mouse. He gnaws all the net and makes the lion free and after that they become friends as well.

  1. King Asoka

King Asoka is one of the toughest warriors of his time and he ruled the entire country all at one and defeated a number of kings. He was known to be very brave and fought a lot of wars. This story sounds very much interesting to children as it has some action packed in it and also teaches children to be brave and never give u home no matter who is on the opposite side and have always faith in yourself. This is one of the best stories for kids!

These are some of the best children’s books that teach life lessons and are amazing for you to get your kids to read. These story books with moral will keep your children busy during this period of lockdown as well and they will stay entertained too and you can work in peace.

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