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Top 4 Children’s Books Publisher in India

Is your kid also in love with books and loves to revolve around fiction? Then you might probably know the best children’s book publishers in the country. However, if you are just starting to buy story books or fictional books for your child in Hindi language, then we are here to help you. There are a lot of classic book publishers that have won awards for their books and they are quite enjoyable kids as well. so, if you are searching for the best classic book publishers, then here are the publishers you ought to buy at first:

  1. Maple Press

Maple Press is one of the most famous as well as wonderful publisher of Indian classic books in India. They have published a lot of authors under their banner and have amazing classic books which are great for children. There are a lot of books and stories and fictions that give away some moral values as well along with being times Hindi classics. They have books in other languages as well. if your kid reads and write in any other language than Hindi, then you can get the books in those languages as well.

  1. Tulika Publishers

Its been 20 years since Tulika Publishers have started publishing Indian classic books under their name. they are one of the longest standing publishers of children. They are available in many languages as well. in fact, their tagline also says, Many Languages and Many Voices. Also, they are quite famous for their bilingual books as well and they also hold some great and exciting fun events for children all around the country.

  1. Karadi Tales

Karadi Tales has almost all the children’s books under their names that we have heard of since our childhood days. They are also based in Chennai and have been working as a publisher since more than 20 years as well. they also offer pioneered Indian classic audio books as well for children who cannot read or like to listen to the fictional stories. They now also have iPad apps as well where you can easily access audio books and video books where stories are not just depicted on appear but through video and audio. They feature some of the most well-known narrators in the country.

  1. Pratham Books

Pratham Books are based in Bangalore and they are a not for profit publisher with the intention of bringing books to every child. They sell their books at just 4 INR. They have books sold even in the most far flung locations of the country. Their books are available in various languages as well.

These are some of the best Indian classic publishers of children’s books from where we can buy the books our children love to read. They are quite easily available at online stores or other book stores as well. Their stories are very much interesting and have a lot of moral values as well along with them which makes them better for kids.

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