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अर्ज़ है

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SKU MP1213
ISBN 9789387348004

Kavita.Poetry.Shayari.Whatever you may call it and in whichever language it may be,it’s all about expression. Expression of what needs to be said. It’s about what is experienced or what is hoped to be experienced. It’s about what gives pleasure and what gives pain. It’s all about life.This book is a collection of such poems. Different poets coming from different dimensions of life have poured in generously all they had to offer, bringing together a raw strand of Piroye Moti. The poems are narrations of what they have felt and seen and some of what they wish to see and experience and of what they wish they could have again.Poems that inspire, that challenge, that show you different colours, of red and blue and white.

Elwin Dillu, Aastha Singh, Sehar Siddiqui, Mohammad Yahiya, Shlok Ranjan Srivastava, Alisha Phillips

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15+ Years


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