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August Rain

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ISBN 9789350330562

This is a story about three young men, their dreams, ambitions, desires, and flaws. Akshaye is an executive who makes his way to the top through his persistence. His wife, Anita, narrates her own story, aptly portraying a content life of marital bliss and motherhood coupled with the joy of meeting with lost childhood friends. Kapil and Veer lead a life of high drama and risk thus impulsively jeopardizing their family's happiness and peace. Their wives, Sanjana and Sharmista, then assume assertive roles. From being ordinary housewives to meeting challenges to achieving the unexpected- they do it all. The novel is set in the background of Hull & Chrom, a multinational pharmaceutical company with Schanade as its virtual owner. Exceptionally beautiful, and emanating grace and strength, Schanade leads the way for everyone around her. Decidokinase is a multibillion-dollar product by Hull & Chrom, but when it goes wrong, people start dying terrible deaths. Schanade with Akshaye's help has to save this product at all costs, but the unlucky pair soon find themselves hostage to terrorists. And now the cauldron is full and boiling.

Narendra Chauhan

Age Group
15+ Years


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