A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities is a historical novel by Charles Dickens that depicts the horrors and the savagery of the French Revolution.

The tale starts with the release of the French Doctor Mannette imprisoned in the Bastille for eighteen long years and his reunion with his daughter, Lucie Mannette in England. Lucie, a simple and beautiful girl - has two suitors there - a self-exiled French nobleman, Charles Darnay and a lazy and alcoholic attorney, Sydney Carton. A sudden upturn of events redefines their destiny and they all land amidst the bloodshed and violence of Paris during the horrendous period of the Reign of Terror. There they are forced to face the consequences of their past and their lives are overshadowed by the fatal blow of La Guillotine.

One of the best known works of Charles Dickens, the novel throws light on the terrific events of the day and the famished population that rebels against the corrupt and degraded government.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages400
Language English
Author Charles Dickens

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