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An essay can be defined as a document that involves discussion of concepts or ideas related to a particular topic. Different in nature from reports and journals, essays allow a writer to express his ideas and feelings in a detailed manner. While writing an essay, the writer should be particularly careful if commenting on ideas or quotes given by other people. If discussing an idea that is not developed by the writer himself, he must refer the person who proposed the idea originally.


The art of writing essays can be developed with regular practice. Another contributor to the skill of good essay writing is being a good reader with an eye for details. Nowadays, essay writing is important for all those who intend to appear in competitive exams. With a flair of language and wealth of ideas, accompanied by sophistication of presentation, the writer can easily influence the reader into believing what he believes.

Be a Winner with Effective Essays is a book intended for presenting before the readers a collection of such essays that would enable them to write effectively and in manner that would help them to get their ideas across in the most efficient manner.

Subject Essay/Grammer
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