Friends Forever Ya Whatever

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If I tell you the truth my dear readers then, let me tell you that I am writing this book in darkest phase of my life. The darkest night in my life came when I lost every hope to live. I have nothing to praise about. Whatever I loved I lost. Have no idea why this happens to me? I feel like a complete loser. That night I decided to commit suicide but before that I wanted to write a suicide note. Started writing on a paper what happen where things failed where all hopes to survive lost. But when number of paper exceeds six it turned into a book my long cherished dream is just next to me and that make me decide to write a book. And this book my friends help me to explore me. Lead me to the path where I can share it with readers like you. Who might be reading this in night or on their way to office or on weekends and relate this to their lives.

Subject Fiction
No. of Pages224
Language English
Author Jiganshu Sharma

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