Greatest Works by G.B.Shaw

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George Bernard Shaw is widely regarded as the greatest British dramatist after Shakespeare,a sharp tongue satirist and playwright whose most profound gift was his ability to make audiences think by provoking them to laughter.

In one of his best-loved plays, Pygmalion , which  later became the  basis for the musical  My Fair Lady , Shaw compels the audience to see the utter absurdity and hypocrisy of class distinction when Professor Henry Higgins wagers that he can transform a common flower girl into a lady.

In Major Barbara Shaw spins out the drama of an eccentric millionaire, a romantic poet, and a misguided savior of souls. This is a topsy-turvy masterpiece of sophisticated banter and urbane humor.

With Saint Joan, Shaw reached the height of his fame as a dramatist. In this magnificent play he distilled many of the ideas he had been trying to express in earlier works on the subjects of politics,religion and creative evolution.

Heartbreak House is an entertaining allegory examining apathy, confusion and lack of purpose as causes of major world problems, with larger-than-life characters representing the evils of the modern world.

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Author G. B. Shaw

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