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“She is not fashioned for a life among strangers.”

Johanna Spyri’s Heidi paints the events in the life of an orphan girl, Heidi, who is raised by her Aunt Dete and then left to stay with her rude grandfather. Mesmerized with the beauty of country-life, she loves the life on the mountains and befriends Peter, a goatherd. Suddenly, her aunt arrives and takes her away to Frankfurt where she meets Clara and thus, starts a series of mysteries in Heidi’s life!

With an interesting narration of incidents, the book is filled with illusions and mystery and twists around a whirlwind of events whereHeidi ventures on an untrodden road of adventures and marks her journey to spiritual happiness, making it an interesting read for everyone!

Subject Classic
No. of Pages292
Language English
Author Johanna Spyri

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