How To Get Rich and Retire Early

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We all have some talents- things we are good at.

We also have a ist of things that we would like to - things that we enjoy doing- things like reading, travelling, listening to music etc.

Then there are activities that gives us a sense of purpose- activities like teaching or helping a stranger. Doing these things makes us feel great about ouselves. These are causes that we connect with.

And then we have our busy work schedules that keep us from doing all these things.

Most of us accept this reality and move on with life. Our dreams stay dreams. We tell ourselves that "the day wil come when we reitre and do things that we are passionate about".

Here is a book that shows you a way to "retire early" and do things that you truly care about. Filled with practical tips, this book will change the way you think about money. It will help you to leave the rat race early so that you can do the things that you always wanted to do.

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Language English
Author Raja Sekharan

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