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The real name of Swami Vivekananda was Narendranath Datta. He was born on 12 January, 1863 in Kolkata in a noble and religious Bengali family. He completed his studies from the presidency college. He was not only a great saint but also a patriot, an orator, a theoretician as well as a great writer. On 4 July, 1902 he passed away while doing meditation. Swamiji was highly devoted towards the concept of ‘karma’. he always said, “one needs to be practical while dealing with any kind of work. Excessive theoretical principles have led to the destruction of the entire nation.” in karmayoga, he has presented ‘karma’ as the guiding path to mental discipline and enlightenment. By summarising the facts of the Bhagat Gita, Swamiji has defined the essence of ‘karma’ and its importance in life.

Subject Self-Help
No. of Pages112
Language Hindi
Author Swami Vivekanand

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