Mansarovar Part 1 - Premchand

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'Mansarovar' is a collection of stories written by Shri Munshi Premchand. He is a well-known storyteller of Hindi literature. He was born in a poor family near Banaras. Due to his living a life of scarcity, he had seen and experienced various aspects of society very closely. It influenced his life deeply and the influence was visible in the stories he authored. 'Idgah', 'Betu wali vidhwa', 'Thakur ka Kuva, 'Pus ki raat' etc. are illustrative examples. His language being simple and practical, is understood easily and this is the reason why stories penned by him have become popular. Real illustrations have made the stories poignant that impress readers.

Subject Hindi Classic
No. of Pages336
Language Hindi
Author Premchand

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