Oliver Twist (Abridged)

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Oliver Twist, the best known novel of Dickens is liked by English book lovers for its unforgettable characters, Oliver Twist and Fagin. They were indeed representatives of the Victorian era. It is the story of an innocent boy Oliver Twist, who is born in a workhouse. Circumstances at the workhouse and later at the local undertaker's where he joins as an apprentice, force him to flee to London city. He is warmly welcomed by a gang of thieves. Poor Oliver is tricked into, and convicted of a theft. However, he's saved by a good hearted soul, Mr. Brownlow who nurses him back to his health. Once again, situations build up in such a manner that he's back into the thieves' gang. Now he's sent as an assistant of Bill Sikes in a burglary. This time, again, he's badly hurt and he finds himself with kind hearted Mrs. Maylie and her niece. In them he gets the love and care that he'd been longing for. Soon the mysteries of his birth are unravelled by his half-brother Monk, and Mr. Brownlow, who turns out to be his father's old friend. Bill Sikes and Fagin get their due of punishment, and the story ends on a happy note with Oliver finding himself in the blissful atmosphere of Mr. Brownlow and the Maylies.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages264
Language English
Author Charles Dickens

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