Paraworld Zero by Mathew Peterson

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Flame throwing pigeon and demonic dumpsters. Funny and imaginative.”

                                     -Maria V. Snyder, NY Times bestselling author

“  A cross between Harry Potter’s adventures and those of Artemis Fowl. Colourful characters, fast-paced adventure and clever humor”

Twelve year old earthling, Simon Kent, stumbles upon a secret that thrusts him into a bizarre adventure filled with magic, technology and deadly out-of-this-world creatures. He discovers a true friend, confronts his inner demons and becomes the savior to a peculiar race of people, when all he truly wants is to find his way back home.

Parallel to Simon’s adventures is a mystery involving a catlike spy and a magical swordman who both struggle to maintain peace among the Para worlds. But evil lurks in unexpected places, and few people can be trusted. Their paths ultimately lead them to Simon: the only boy who might be able to prevent the biggest assassination attempt in the known paraverse.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages360
Language English
Author Fiction

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