Sarvshreshth Kahaniyaa - Jaishankar Prasad

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Jaishankar Prasad was a well-known writer of modern Hindi literature who has simultaneously given his works in the fields of poetry, drama, story and novels. His poetic composition started from Brajbhasha and gradually moved towards the steep Khadi dialect and he was counted among the Mudhanya poets of Khadi Boli. He has a great contribution in establishing cinematism in Hindi poetry. Jaishankar Prasad’s stories are emotional, mystic, symbolic and ideal-oriented. Out of 72 stories written by him- 'Aakashdeep', 'Gunda', 'Chhota Magician', 'Madhu', 'Bisati' etc. are presented in this book.

Subject Hindi Classic
No. of Pages152
Language Hindi
Author Jaishankar Prasad

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