Selected Ghost Stories

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People either believe in ghosts or they don't. They are either afraid of them or they are not. However, a good spine chilling supernatural tale is enjoyed by all. It is a common belief that there is nothing like a good ghost story.

This anthology of classic ghost stories brings together forty nine well wrought tales of haunted houses, vengeful spirits, spectral warnings,invisible antagonists, and motiveless malignity from beyond the grave from the finest specialists, the illustrious masters of the genre. Traditional in its forms, but energetically inventive and infused with a relish of the supernatural, these ghost stories still retain their original power to unsettle and surprise. While most of these stories are acclaimed classics, others are lesser-known gems unearthed from the vintage era of tales of the supernatural. Every one is guaranteed to satisfy what Virginia Woolf called " that strange human craving for the pleasure of feeling afraid. " A book not recommended for the faint hearted.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages592
Language English
Author Virginia Woolf

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