Selected Short Stories By Mark Twain

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One of the great writers of American literature, Twain is admired for capturing typical American experiences in a language which is realistic and charming. Howells, one of Twain's early admirers, wrote the following on Twain's style: "So far as I Know, Mr. Clemens is the first writer to use in extended writing the fashion we all use in thinking, and to set down the thing that comes into his mind without fear or favour of the thing that went before or the thing that may be about to follow".

                             This unique collection of Twain's essential short stories, containing a few of his memorable creations like After Jenkins, Answer to Correspondents, A Californian's Tale, The Case of George Fisher,Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy is a testament to the author's vast imagination illuminating the depth of his artistry,humor,irony, and narrative genius.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages608
Language English
Author Mark Twain

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