Sons and Lovers

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One of the earliest novels of D. H. Lawrence, this novel is regarded as a masterpiece not only for its portrayal of characters and situations but also for its subtle themes of passion, love and relationship within a family. The novel is in fact a semi-autobiography, and is set in the background of a working class life and the impacts of industrialization.

Paul Morel, a young budding artist is the apple of his mother's eye. Having seen his mother's tough life with his drunkard father William Morel, he develops hatred for him. With the death of her husband. Mrs. Morel seeks emotional fulfillment, a rather passionate attachment towards her sons.

When Paul tries to have relationships with other women, his mother feels her son has no share of love for her. She falls sick of tumour and finally dies. But this does not relieve Paul, who is all the more overcome by his bondage and love for his mother. He feels he can no longer love any other women!

The novel made a sensation in literature by bringing in the phenomena of mother-son love, which later became popular in psychology as the Oedipus Complex.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages392
Language English
Author D. H. Lawrence

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