STRUGGLES & SPLENDOUR of Ancient Indian Monarchs

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In 1860s, when the civil war was on in USA, General Ulysses S. Grant, under President Lincoln, Played a major role in preserving the Union. Soon thereafter, the Americans elected Grant as their 18th President.

In 1990s, KPS Gill played a similar role in preserving the Indian Union. But, do we even remember him?

Mahatma Gandhi being his role model, he practiced non-violence while in school and college. But, destiny landed him amidst troubled times and bestowed him with the task of fighting for his country, with an iron hand.

In his career as an officer of the Indian Police Service, spanning over almost four decades- Gill epitomized honesty, unwavering courage, unbeatable intelligence and uncompromising patriotism.

He, thus, became the greatest police officer to have walked this planet.


“The Sikh young officer is very efficient in handling law and order situations;

He is fair in applying force on miscreants, and has an excellent Sense of duty.”

                                                                                -JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU, First Prime Minister of India

“The only Indians who come in the league of eminent people like Lincoln, Churchill, Grant, Napoleon, etc. are Chhatrapati Shivaji , Netaji Bose, Sardar Patel and KPS Gill.

                                                                                -VILASRAO DESHMUKH, Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra

“Without cops like KPS Gill there can be no democracies, no political leaders and no kings.”

                                                                                -NARENDRA MODI, Chief Minister of Gujarat

“KPS Gill is the man who saved Union of India from disintegration. Country ought to be eternally thankful to him.”

                                -ARUN SHOURIE, Author, Eminent Journalist, and Ex-Union Minister of India

“ Gill saved Sikhs and Punjab for India .He comes  out as a hero in my assessment.”

                                                                                -KHUSHWANT SINGH, Author, Eminent Journalist

“Mr Gill’s greatness as a Leader, as a Cop, and as a Manager is unmatchable in any annals of human history.”

                -RAJAN GUPTA, Director General of the Bureau of Police Research & Development of India (BPR&D)           

“Mr Gill is either a superman or he is an alien because all the great qualities he has, I have never heard, never seen in any single human being.”

                -SUMEDH SINGH SAINI, Director General of Punjab Police        

“ Mr KPS Gill’s life is an inspiration for the youth, enlightening for the middle aged and mesmerising for the senior citizens.”

                                -PC JAIN, Principal, Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi University)

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