The Colourful White

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Life is not easy for the village-bred traditional Sameeksha. Her blissful childhood days in her village soon turn out to be a nightmare. The death of Dhiru uncle, whom she idolised as her Hanuman, paralyses her life. Adversities and failures chase her as her family settle down in the city, where she feels completely out of place. Her failures in academics are overcome when encouragements pour from Abhinash. Love blooms between them, but again, not for long. Abhi falls in love with another girl of his status, leaving Sameeksha shattered and disillutioned. She attributes everything to ill-luck. A chance meeting, however, and some memorable moments with Mr. Arihant Kumar give a new light to her life....The whiteness in her life transforms into a rainbow......


Born and brought up in Orissa, this new age author, Rupa Beriha, has to her credit a Master's Degree in Computer Applications and a Diploma in Industrial and Personnel Management, and is currently pursuing her master in English from Sambalpur University. Her novel, a narrative within a narrative, rings a tone of optimism for those who manifest difficulties, see nothing but blankness, and indeed, miss out the multicoloured perceptions of life.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages240
Language English
Author Rupa Beriha

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