The Lost World

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This novel, absolutely fantastic in its story-line, brings to life the prehistoric world in its real sense


Ed Malone is given the task of interviewing the temperamental Professor Challenge about his amazing discovery. The Professor claims to have discovered the land of prehistoric animals in a plateau in South America. To prove this, the Professor asks Malone to join his expedition team on a return voyage to this 'Lost World' , where time is frozen from the days when dinosaurs and other such strange creatures were alive. Indeed these creature flourish in this world of their own. Shocked at their discovery the expedition team wants to return back to their land. What do they encounter? Do they escape from the terrifying ape-like men and return safely?- This forms the climax


The novel is fascinating with its presentation of the prehistoric times, and sustains the reader's interest till the end with adventures and suspense.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages272
Language English
Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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