The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Baroness Emmuska Orczy(September 23, 1865- November 12, 1947) was a British novelist, playwright and artist of Hungarian noble origin. She was born in Tarnaors, Heves Country, Hungary, and was the daughter of composer Baron Felix Orczy and Countess Emma Wass. She is chiefly remerberd as author of The Scarlet Pimpernal, one of the greatest popular successes of the 20th century.

An attractive blend of romance, intrigue,and suspense, this timeless historical adventure recalls the Reign of Terror following the French Revolution, when ruthless mobs ruled the streets of Paris and hundreds of royalists were sacrificed to the guillotine each day. The only hope of many was a brave and dashing leader who smuggled French aristocrats across the Channel to England and safety. Known by the name of the wildflower he leaves as a calling card, the pimpernel becomes the darling of the people and si particulary admired by Marguerite Blakeney, who mocks her foppish husband as ardently as she admires this gallant hero.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages256
Language English
Author Baroness Orczy

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