The Secret Garden

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Little Mary Lennox is a thoroughly disagreeable little girl. After the death of her parents she is sent far away to live with her hunchback uncle in Yorkshire. Her uncle is an aloof man, the house is old and gloomy, and Mary is sure she hears crying from somewhere down its dark corridors. She is cared for by a cheery maid, Martha, who encourages the stern little girl to explore the vast and beautiful estate that she must now call her "home". Mary takes Martha's advice and starts exploring the grounds surrounding the house and discovers a walled garden. Led by a sprightly robin to its well-hidden door, Mary enters the prettiest most mysterious-looking place imaginable. Her joy increases when Dickon, a local boy, joins her in the garden, teaching her about bulb and seeds, and making things grow. And when Mary finally meets her lonely, frail cousin whose crying had haunted her imagination, the garden's magic works its real wonders, transforming the dismal house into a place of courage, hope and love.

The Secret Garden is a wonderful book about friendship,determination, and perseverance.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages264
Language English
Author Frances Hodgson Burnett

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