Treasure Island

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This Book does not 'retell' the tales from the Classics.Rather; it condenses in a comprehensive and readable way some of the popular literary pieces, maintaining the spirit of the great authors who have contributed them. The ideas, the thoughts and the style of the authors are retained to the greatest extent possible, so that children realise the value of these treasures. And in fact they may get inspired too. This is a move towards revival of the classics by breathing life into them, as well as to improve the standard of English of children at the school level.

Stevenson conceived of the idea of Treasure Island (originally titled, “The Sea Cook: A Story for Boys”) from a map of an imaginary, romantic island idly drawn by Stevenson and his stepson on a rainy day in Breamar, Scotland. It became the most popular pirate story ever written in English.

This unforgettable adventure magically captures the thrill of a sea voyage and a treasure hunt through the eyes of its teenage protagonist, Jim Hawkins. Crossing the Atlantic in search of the buried cache, Jim and the ship’s crew must brave the elements and a mutinous charge led by the quintessentially ruthless pirate Long John Silver.

Brilliantly conceived and splendidly executed, it is a novel that has seized the imagination of generations of adults and children alike.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages304
Language English
Author R. L. Stevenson

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