Who Decides? . . . . . the unwarranted vicissitudes

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Aman, a typical Indian middle-class boy goes through the normal derailment process by the society and carries the astronomical burden of expectations from all and sundary. His life is only made miserable by the never-ending comparisons with an overachieving IITian brother.

College provides some solace where he meets four other equally useless but nonetheless interesting friends. School, college, workplace-everywhere his life goes through more ups and downs than a sinusoidal function while the lady luck continues to elude him

Disheartened he leaves his job in the quest for nothing in particular. An unexpected turn of events reunites him with his four college-mates.

Together they set out to make something out of their lives….but what and how much can you achieve when you are too messed up by the shit that has already happened with you?

Does the society prove to be a hurdle or an impetus in such a scenario?

Does he succeed? Should he?



No. of Pages216
Language English
Author Bijender Sheoran

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