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Best books for children to read in 2021

Best books for children to read in 2021

Stories make kids aware of the environment and help them appreciate their cultural reality better. An excellent story also imbibes thought skills and makes them curious about their mental growth climate, which is important.
Communication and creativity are the main qualities that children acquire by storytelling: they ask you about the characters and plot, take an interest in the specifics and also create a sense of imagination that goes beyond concrete reality. In early childhood, therefore, the importance of reading or listening to stories is multifold. And reading storybooks is more important than ever in 2021 as kids ended up spending a lot of time online in 2020 due to lockdown. Here are some of the most popular children’s books that will make for great reads for your kids this year. Some books to read in 2021 are-

  • Ugly Duckling and Thumbelina: This meticulously handpicked and colourfully illustrated collection ranges from hilarious adventures to tales that impart moral values and is available in both English and Hindi. This book is available at an extremely affordable price, and can be bought online.
  • Shri Krishna: Available in both Hindi and English languages, this illustrated story book brings to life the stories of Krishna and his family and friends in an impactful narrative. There are tales of his birth, making mischief with his parents, teasing and dancing with the bellas or gopis of the village, and of his might and cunning as a king. Maple Press storybooks by Shri Krishna can be bought online.
  • Timeless Vikram and Betaal: This book is made up of fascinating stories about the mighty King Vikram and the famous ghost Betaal, who delights both young and old alike. Kids learn about the myriad of tricky questions that Betaal poses while riding the king's back through these stories, and the quick, witty and thoughtful responses that King Vikram gives with his presence of mind. Such stories are motivational and should be read by kids before entering their teens.
  • Indian Mythology: This is one of the best children’s books out there. What better way to introduce kids to their culture this year than with some mythology? This is a series of a variety of stories about Gods and Demons, heroes and villains, their sacrifices and rewards, misdeeds and punishments, good and bad, and heaven and hell from Indian mythology. These myths teach children morals and ethics.
  • Timeless Moral Stories- This book encloses in its pages poignant stories with relevant moral messages for the young readers.

These are some of the children’s books that are most impactful and will make for great reads in 2021. All these titles and many more are available at Maple Press; information about all titles can be found here.

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