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Keep your child busy while you work from home!

Keep your child busy while you work from home!

Working from home with children is not at all easy. Specially if you are working from with toddler, it is a cut chase to keep your toddler and kids busy so that you can work in peace with concentration and get it over with. So, if you are one of those parents who are unable to work at home and have to keep your kids constantly entertained, here are some independent activities for children for your kids which they can do on their own and wont bug you or bother you much all the time! 

  1. Go for colouring books

Children love to colour and they enjoy doing colouring various figures and shapes when they are growing and usually have a colouring book which they get from their school as well. if not, you van them some so that while you are working, they something to work on too and they will be involved in something. This is one of the most fun activities for kids to do at home. 

  1. Try some fun educational games for kids

If your kid has some project from school, or enjoys some games which are enhancing for his or her vocabulary, or general knowledge, then you can get them that as well. some of the educational games that you can try are scrabble, find the word, current affairs game, and so many more. these games are not only great for their IQ but also will keep them busy and entertained as long as you are working and you won’t have to be a part of it as well. 

  1. Holiday activity books for kids to the rescue

There are some very interesting activity books available for the kids which in which there are some educational tasks available in the book which the kids can indulge in. usually, teachers might be giving the kids these kind of assignments anyhow, but if now then you can arrange some activities for them like fill in the blanks, identify the picture, draw the picture, matching, and so many more as well. kids love to do such easy tasks and make sure you appreciate them always so that they always get motivated to continue with the same. 

  1. Story books can also help

If you are looking for how to keep toddler busy, then you can also try and get your kids some story books which has a lot of pictures that your kids will like. If they are too young to be able to read, then you can get them into the habit of understanding the story with pictures and if they can read, then this is an amazing way for them to stay indulged amongst themselves without disturbing you anyway. 

These are some of the ways in which you can keep your children and toddlers busy while you are working from home. These activities don’t involve any screen time as well so they will be healthy and good for them as well.

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