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1984, Animal Farm (Set of 2 Books)

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SKU MP1279
ISBN 9789388304399
George Orwell was the penname of Eric Arthur Blair, who wrote about the social injustices faced by the common man and the authoritarianism imposed upon them. His works depicted the political scenarios that revolved around the tyrannical pressures and the story of the victims who were led to destruction at the hands of the dictators.This set includes two of his most famous books that give a true picture of the brutality of the tyrants hidden under the veil of fiction –1984 and Animal Farm. 1984 shows the image of the oppressor through the Big Brother who restricts even the thoughts of an individual. Animal Farm is an allegorical representation of the era of Stalin and the Russian Revolution. It is a satirical tale in which the writer has excellently interfused politics with art.

George Orwell

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